About Caseificio Silvio Boi...

Our cheese factory started its activity in the 50s in Barisardo, in the Sardinian region of Ogliastra.

The company, named after its founder Silvio Boi, today is still family-run by his children, who jealously preserves ancient traditions in the production of sheep milk cheese, goat milk cheese, and mixed cheese (sheep and goat milk), fresh and matured; hand-processed as in ancient times using veal and kid rennet.


The sheep and goats which provide the raw material to the cheese factory still graze in wild or semi-wild environments, in accordance with the transhumance of livestock, moving it to higher mountain pastures in the summer and near the sea in the winter.


Milk is collected by vehicles with insulated tanks, early in the morning, directly from the pens.


During the months when sheep and goats give birth, from the end of August to the end of November, collection is suspended and, as a consequence, there is no production.


Thanks to its decades-long experience, the Caseificio is one of the founders of the "Consortium for the Safeguard of Sardinian Pecorino Cheese D.O.P - Protected Denomination of Origin."

Our different types of cheese, all called of the "Pardu Valley" with reference to the grazing area where the river Pardu flows through, have different ageing periods and are divided into: fresh, semi – matured and matured.

Ageing takes place in appropriate rooms, where temperature and humidity are controlled constantly.

We produce sheep milk, goat milk cheese and mixed sheep and goat milk cheese,
fully respecting tradition and nature.

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