Pecorino Sardo Maturo DOP

Sardinian Matured Pecorino Cheese D.O.P. - Protected Denomination of Origin is the prince of classical Sardinian pecorino cheeses, with a strong flavour, piquant, a white paste, sometimes slightly pale yellow depending on the ageing period, compact or with a moderate eye formation.

It needs to age at least 60 days in appropriate rooms, where temperature and humidity are controlled constantly.

It's a versatile cheese, excellent to open and end a meal, and it is very good with different types of jams and sauces, mainly spicy ones.

Cheese: Pecorino
Milk: Sheep's Milk

Ageing period: >60gg
Weight: 3,4 Kg Circa
Dimensions of the whole cheese: 20 cm Circa

Flavor: Little strong spicy

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