Hera - Ovicaprino del Pardu

Hera, cheese made using a mix of pasteurised whole sheep and goat milk, owes its name to the Greek goddess of marriage and faithfulness, as well as queen of Mount Olympus.

Its paste is white - pale yellow, compact, with a few eyes, it has a pleasant, round and slightly spicy flavour.
Its ageing period is over 60 days.

Like classic pecorino, it is an all-round cheese, good for all moments of a meal, excellent served with a glass of red wine, it adds a prestigious extra touch if grated on pasta and is also very good paired with all types of jam.

Cheese: Mixed Sheep and Goats Milk Cheese
Milk: Sheep and Goats Milk

Ageing period: >60 gg
Weight: 3,5 Kg Circa
Dimensions of the whole cheese: 20 cm Circa

Flavor: Round, pleasant and slightly spicy

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