Historia® - Pecorino Riserva del Pardu >15 mesi

Historia® is the name given to our most aged pecorino "Riserva" after an ageing period of 15 months.

If you love a stronger flavour, a bit spicy and want to taste the essence of our land, Historia® is the right cheese.

Historia® can be served all around the meal, with a glass of good and structured wine.
It can also be grated on pasta or other italian first courses which gives a rich and tasty touch. It's very good served
with all types of jam or creams, spicy or sweet.


Cheese: Pecorino
Milk: Sheep's Milk

Ageing period: >15 Months
Weight: 3,5 Kg Circa
Dimensions of the whole cheese: 20 cm Circa

Flavor: Spicy

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