Lihanna - Pecorino fresco del Pardu

Lihanna, made using pasteurised whole milk, is a fresh cheese, sweet, with a soft and white paste, a few eyes, a pleasant flavour and a fragrant smell.

It is available from January to June, has an ageing period of 25 - 30 days and can be produced both as a whole piece of cheese and vacuum-sealed.

Also Lihanna, like Monte Astili, owes its name to one of the "tacchi" (rock formations) of Ogliastra, which is in the locality of Perda e' Liana.

Cheese: Pecorino
Milk: Sheep's Milk

Ageing period: 25/30 gg
Weight: 1,5 Kg Circa
Dimensions of the whole cheese: 18 cm Circa

Flavor: Pleasant sweet spicy

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