Ogliastra, the land of centenarians

Welcome to Ogliastra, a land of enchanting beauty, located in the eastern part of Sardinia.

Its territory, between the peaks of the Gennargentu massif and the Tyrrhenian Sea, is considered one of the most evocative on the island. It is a very large area, spread over more than 1,800 square kilometres, with a few coastal plains with a low elevation, and many mountains which dominate the coast and the inland area.

It comprises 23 small municipalities, like Cardedu, (only three of them have over 4,000 inhabitants) and has one of the lowest population densities in Italy (32inhab/sqkm).

The main activities today are those connected to agriculture and sheep farming, still carried out mainly following traditional ways (wild farming), while those regarding tourism, which up to today has only developed along the coasts and is seasonal, are looking to find success and development.

Industrial activities, instead, are near to absent and the remaining production sectors are of secondary importance.

According to some, the name comes from the olive trees which grow abundantly in this territory; other sources, more trust-worthy, believe it comes from an enormous monolith overlooking the sea north of Santa Maria Navarrese, called "Agugliastra".


Starting from the north, we find some inlets which can only be reached by sea or on foot, such as the famous Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Mariolu and Cala Goloritzé; to the south there are some very interesting beaches such as Tancau, Girasole, Orrì, Cea, Marina di Barisardo and Cardedu, Coccorrocci and the Gulf of Sarrala.

Wonderful oases set between the sea and rocks covered up in green moss, which preserve an intact, inaccessible and wild nature, presenting one of the most enchanting marine landscapes in the Mediterranean.

Ogliastra is a land which requires a careful look, curious and penetrating, unlike the one of a conventional tourist.

A land where man has settled for centuries maintaining with respectful care, creating a harmonious combination with the environment.

There are many historical-archaeological remains, with the presence of many nuraghi, domus de janas, sacred wells, giant tombs and menhirs.

On foot, by bike, horse-riding, by car or on an ATV, you can discover many trekking itineraries searching for unforgettable places; you can walk from the mountains towards the sea following the course of underground rivers between centuries-old forests, flowers, wild animals to reach incredibly beautiful inlets.

By sea, instead, large boats, fishing tourism boats and smaller boats lead you to discover the Ogliastra coast.

But no description is vivid enough to truly depict the priceless beauty of this land, its culture and the hospitality of its people.

Only the effects of images and smells can fully describe the magic and harmony of Ogliastra.

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