Pecorini - Sheep Milk Cheese                                                                                                                                          

Ovi-Caprini - Mixed Sheep and Goat Milk Cheese                                                                                                        

Caprini - Goat Milk Cheese                                                                                                                                               


Our Cheeses

The cheeses of the Caseificio Silvio Boi are made with 100% first-rate Sardinian milk, and are handmade.


The Pecorino Cheeses are dedicated to those who love more intense and sharper flavours, which represent the principles of the art of cheese-making and the history
of Sardinia.

The Goat Cheeses, both matured and fresh, with their unmistakable tasty flavour, are the right type of cheese for those who love taste and also care about staying fit.
Goat cheese means Sardinia.


The Mixed Cheeses made of sheep and goat milk are a characteristic of our cheese factory and will surprise you with their delicate, deep and tasty flavour.
A true all-round delicacy, good for an aperitif or with creams, melted during a meal or as it is.


The flavours and smells of the cheeses of the Caseificio Silvio Boi will let you taste a piece of Sardinia's history.

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