Our history

Tradition for over 70 years

The cheese factory officially opened its doors back in the early 50s in Ogliastra, Sardinia.
The company, named after its founder’s name, Silvio Boi, now run by his family and children, jealously preserves the ancient techniques of the Sardinian cheese making tradition.
Our cheeses are handcrafted by hand as it used to be done back in the ancient times with the use of calf rennet and little kids rennet.
Our cheeses are andcrafted by hand as it used to be done back in the ancient times with the use of calf rennet and little kids rennet.
Our cheeses consist of sheep, goat and sheep & goat mix types both fresh and aged ones.

The care for the prime material

Wild or semi-wild fields

The grazing of the sheep and goats, provider of the factory prime material, is practiced in the wild or semi-wild fields, in compliance with the transhumance of the their flocks through the mountain sites during summertime and the marine sites during the winter period.
The milk collection happens early each morning, drawing the product directly from the sheepfolds or having it delivered straight from the breeders in the factory.
The milk supply system is a long and complex chain, consisting of several steps that require high quality standards of assertiveness.
Our cheeses consist of sheep, goat and sheep & goat mix types both fresh and aged ones.


A unique place on earth

Land of the Centenaries

All our milk suppliers operate in the “Land of the Centenaries”.
Ogliastra is among the three locations on earth with the highest percentage of the world’s hundred-year-old population, thanks to its: uncontaminated nature, low industrialization, & the almost nonexistent pollution.
Silvio Boi is rooted in the territory
Significa che il 100% del latte proviene esclusivamente dall’Ogliastra, da allevatori che cooperano con noi da generazioni, sin dalla nascita dell’Azienda.

Our milk

The cheese factory Silvio Boi, the main private acquirer of milk in Ogliastra, has always devoted careful attention and investments in the quality of its raw materials and production processes.
The milk supply chain starts from the farms, where sheep and goats are selected, controlled and fed in the pastures of the Ogliastra area.
All the breeders that collaborate with Silvio Boi comply to the highest structural and hygienic-sanitary standards required in the milk production.

We are Founding Members of D.O.P.

We are proudly Founder Members of the “Pecorino Sardo D.O.P.” consortium.
Cheese produced exclusively with Sardinian sheep’s milk ,a semi-cooked paste, presented in two versions of cheese, due to the various processes, maturation periods and organoleptic characteristics: the Sweet Sardinian Pecorino and the Sardinian Aged Pecorino.
It has a maturation period of non less than two months and weights between the three to four kg. It has an intense aroma of mature milk, butter, and dried fruits.

We are what we repeatedly do.

Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.


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Our products

Handcrafted by hand as in ancient times
and with the use of calf and kid rennet

Sheep cheese

Goat cheese

Sheep-Goat mix cheese

Taste gallery

Traditional dishes

Sa Coccoi Prena

Sardinian fingerfood
Fragrant savory pies with a crunchy semolina dough filled with a delicious base of potatoes, garlic, pecorino and mint.


Sardinian Ravioli
Paste Ravioli stuffed with potatoes, mint and pecorino cheese usually served with fresh tomato and basil sauce.

Ravioli Ricotta e Spinaci

Stuffed semolina ravioli with ricotta and spinach served with fresh tomato
and basil sauce.

Pardulas dolci

Miniature cakes filled with ricotta and saffron flavored with orange or lemon zest. Characterized by a very delicate, sweet and harmonious taste.


Two overlaid disks of semolina flour, prepared with lard, and stuffed with fresh cheese, curdled just in time and flavored with lemon peel. Then, everything is fried and served sprinkled with honey.

Casu axedu

It is called “The food of the centenarians” and is typical of Ogliastra. With an ‘acidic’ but delicate aftertaste, which represents its predominant gustatory characteristic.


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