Goat cheese • Solid paste

Armidda takes its name from the thyme (in Sardinian “armidda”), an aromatic shrub which grows spontaneously on our mountains, the favorite food of the wild grazing goats.

Product properties

A matured goat cheese unique of the Silvio Boi line. Prodotto con latte intero, dalla pasta bianca, priva di occhiature, sapore delicato, lievemente acidulo, varia dal dolce al piccante con il progredire della stagionatura. It remains pleasant, round and unobtrusive thanks to the essences of our pastures. Produced using liquid calf rennet from a single curd break, using the rice grain technique.

Data sheet

Milk: Goat
Ageing period: >60 days
Weight: 2,8 Kg
Dimension: 18 cm
Flavor: Slightly spicy