Sheep & Goat mix • Semi solid paste

Our Jano, whose name recalls the name of the two-faced Roman god, Janus, is a combination of pasteurized whole sheep and goat milk cheese.

Product properties

The peculiarity of this cheese is its dynamism; the mix of sheep and goat milks enrich and enhance all its flavors and aromas. A fresh product of soft paste colored white tending to straw-colored, compact, with sparse holes, and a sweet, full and round taste.
Produced using liquid calf rennet with the double breaking technique of the curd, the walnut technique. Ideal to melt near the fireplace.

Data sheet

Milk: Sheep and goat
Ageing period: >25-30 days
Weight: 2,2 Kg
Dimension: 16 cm
Flavor: Sweet and aromatic